List-Owner Reference Card

August 1994, ListProcessor 7.0

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This List-Owner Reference Card provides an introduction to the list-owner commands of the CREN* ListProcessor* list- and file-management software, also known as ListProc*. The commands documented in this reference are not generally available to subscribers who do not own the list affected by the command being used.

This reference assumes familiarity with the ListProcessor User Reference Card and does not replicate that document's explanation of ListProc's subscriber commands.

The syntax is used in this document is the same as that of of the User Reference Card.

For additional information, including specialized commands, use the ListProc HELP command or refer to the Listprocessor List-Owner Reference, available in plain text format by sending the command get listproc ownerman as the body of a mail message to or any other CREN ListProcessor. This document is available from via anonymous ftp, as the PostScript file /listproc/ and as the RTF file /listproc/ownercard.rtf (open the latter with Microsoft Word or WordPerfect*, and set the orientation to landscape before printing).

I. List Setup Commands

File/Report Commands

EDIt list password filename [-nolock]
Obtain specified file for editing; filename can be one of:
subscribers, aliases, news, peers, ignored, info, or welcome.
List will be automatically locked to list-specific commands until the list is UNLOCKed, a new file has been PUT, or -nolock is specified in the EDIT command.
PUT list password filename [args]
Replace system files. Filename is as in EDIT command.
REPorts list password
Obtain all reports about the specified local list.

Configuration Commands

CONfiguration listname password [option [args]] [,option [args] ...]] [,option [args] ...]]
Set a list's configuration options. The command, CONFIGURATION, without options, returns the list's current settings. Options are a comma- separated list of one or more of the following keywords:

II. Commands Affecting List Subscriptions

[quiet] ADD list password address user-name
or, for adding multiple user-names:
[quiet] ADD list password {address user-name}{ address user-name }{ address user-name }
Add specified user(s) to the list. If more than one user is added, enclose each one in brackets {}. Multiple names may be placed on one line or place one name per line in brackets. Commands spanning more than one line require an ampersand (&) at the end of each line to indicate that the command is continued on the next line. If the optional "quiet" switch is added before the command line, the user(s) will not be notified.

ALIas list password new-address address-as-subscribed
Alias an existing subscriber to a new address. The new-address pattern may be an extended standard UNIX regular expression.

[quiet] DELETE list password address [address]
Delete the specified user(s) from the list. Multiple names may be placed on one line. If the command spans more than one line an ampersand (&) must be placed at the end of each line to indicate that the command is continued on the next line. If the optional "quiet" switch is added before the command line, the user(s) will not be notified.

IGNore list password address
Add a user to a file of troublesome users whose mail to a list should be discarded. The address pattern may be an extended standard UNIX regular expression.

LOCk list password
Suspend execution of list-specific commands and queue them up for later processing. Owners may still issue such commands, unless the list is locked by the listprocessor manager. The list will still process messages.

UNLock list password
Resume execution of list-specific commands, including those queued up while the list was locked. All owners may unlock a list, unless it's locked by the listprocessor manager.

[quiet] SET list [option arg[s]] for address [address]
Allows list owner to SET subscriber mail options for the subscriber(s). If quiet, the user(s) will not be notified.

Valid options and args are:

SYStem list password user-address #user-command
Allows the list owner to issue any command on a user's behalf.

III. Commands Affecting Posting of Messages to a List

APProve list password tag [tag][tag][tag].... [tag]
DIScard list password tag [tag][tag][tag].... [tag]
If the list is set up as MODERATED-NO-EDIT, allows the moderator to discard or approve the message identified by the tag number for posting to the specified moderated list.

HOLd list password
Suspend distribution of messages but allow users and owners to send commands to the list.

FREe list password
Resume delivery of a held list, or reset the message-limit to zero. If the listprocessor manager held the list, only he/she can free it.

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