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Protecting Pennsylvania and the World from Polluting Waste and Energy Technologies

Since 1995, we have worked with communities in Pennsylvania and beyond on waste, energy and toxics issues, contributing to victories against proposed incinerators, landfills, power plants, medical waste facilities, sewage sludge dumping, water fluoridation, and a nuclear waste dump.

Through our Energy Justice Network project, we work with people around the U.S. and throughout the world to stop polluting energy technologies. We're currently working to build capacity to network and support grassroots movements against proposed trash incinerators, "biomass" incinerators, tire burning, waste coal burners, new coal power plants, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, ethanol and other dirty fuels production facilities.

Student and Community Organizing

We educate and train student and community activists through our in-house internships, through phone- and email-based advising and through on-site speaking and trainings at conferences, and community and campus events.

Fighting Corporate Power; Promoting Democracy

Our Corporate Accountability Project provides educational organizing resources for fighting corporate power. We promote efforts to make the U.S. government democratically-structured through electoral reforms such as instant run-off voting, voter-verified paper ballots, ballot access and clean money elections.

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We need your help to protect communities from toxic hazards. Please join us and help us help you. Only well-networked and well-informed grassroots activism is likely to stop this assault.

Please support our work, so we can continue the research, networking and organizing that is so valuable to protecting community groups throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.


For a complete list of web resources we have available, see our Site Map and Topic Directory.

Mike Ewall, Director
Philadelphia, PA