Using the Internet for Activism: listservs and web pages

As for getting the word out in general, here are a few guidelines on how to use the net effectively...

Websites are not good for announcements of things because people don't keep going back to check the same website often. Email lists are good for announcements because a message sent to an email list will reach its subscribers pretty quickly. Email postings should be somewhat short and should point people to the website for more details. Websites ARE good for putting long, in-depth stuff online that's not appropriate to bog down people's email with. They are also good for attracting new people to the issue (since they can search the web and find the site).

If you're a non-profit environmental or animal-rights organization who needs email lists or a web site, you can pursue getting one set up at EnviroLink Network User Support: Non-Profit Services.

[Note: If you see something in parenthesis below after a link, it's the link to the original website where the info came from. In most of these cases, the original source is now a page that is more complex, with lots of graphics and stuff. The main link (the one not in parenthesis) in these cases are to local copies without graphics.]

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Web Page Development

Beyond HTML - Advanced Web Page Development

Domain Registration

The Tools for Making Webpages

List Servers (Automated Email Mailing Lists)


CREN's ListProc Homepage (Documentation is here)



Lists of Lists and List Archives

Virus Hoaxes

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Last modified: 6 July 2001