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Fluoridation Chemical Accidents

Unless otherwise noted, the chemical involved is Hydrofluosilicic Acid or a similar fluoridation chemical. When not fully investigated by the National Response Center, it can simply be called "hazardous waste" and would not show up here due to inadequate accident reporting.

You can click on the city name for more details.

Accidents where the medium is listed as "drinking water" are those where the spill or accident resulted in an overdose of fluoride in the drinking water system itself.

Incident DateCity, State (County)Suspected Responsible CompanyIncident TypeMediumGallons/LBSNotes
2/4/2005Phoenix, AZL.A. Chemical Co.MobileDowntown Urban110 galA truck traveling through Phoenix leaked hydrofluorosilic acid for at least 4 city blocks in the downtown area. Reverse 9-1-1 service was initiated to inform residents to stay home. 16 individuals, including 11 police officers, were exposed and subsequently hospitalized.
1/31/2005East Deer, PA (Pittsburgh area)Norfolk Southern RailRailroadRiver15,000-20,000 galA train car filled with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride derailed into the Allegheny River and released its contents. If released into the air, anhydrous fluoride can cause serious or fatal respiratory damage. Released in water, the aquatic plant and animal life, as well as human users downstream are in danger.[F]
11/15/2004Torrance, CA (L.A. area)Exxon-Mobil RefineryUnknown causeAirUnknownHydrogen fluoride released from process piping.
7/19/2004Hardeville, SCBJWSA Water TreatmentImproperly-sealed conduitSoil700 galFluosilicic acid released from a containment area due to a poor sealant on an electrical conduit
6/4/2004Muskogee, OKDal-Tile CorpPollution control malfunctionAir534 lbsA wet caustic pollution control scrubber faulted and released hydrogen fluoride for two days.
5/28/2004Pembroke Pines, FLPembroke Pines Water Treatment FacilityUnknownWaterUnknownSewage treatment plant released fluorosilicic acid unknowingly into water system.
1/02/2004Memphis, TNMemphis Light Gas and WaterSevered LineStorm Drain1000 galA third party contractor accidentally cut a product line, leaking 1000 galons of fluorosilicic acid into a storm drain
11/26/2003Idaho Falls, IDIdaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab (U.S. Gov)Maintenance errorLand800 galWhile performing "environmental activities" on a hazardous waste tank, the secondary containment failed and 800 gallons spilled to the ground.[F]
10/24/2003Marlboro, MA (Essex)Millham Treatment PlantValve MalfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownA valve malfunction caused excess fluoride to enter into the water system, bringing the fluoride level to 24 ppm (6 times the legal maximum)[F]
10/24/2003Exeter, NHOsram SylvaniaUnknown Cause / Gas LeakLand / ConcreteUnknownHydrofluoric acid leakage was detected at 3:40am by Osram Sylvania workers. Workers were evacuated and no one was injured.[F]
11 & 12/20/20031,2 Alcoa, TNAlcoa Inc.Planned maintenance releaseAir3781 lbsCallers reported that the releases of the following chemicals were part of planned maintenance: 3781 lbs hydrogen fluoride, 9 lbs benzo a pyrene, 40 lbs benzo b fluoranethen, 7447 lbs sulfur dioxide
7/28/2003Alcoa, TNAlcoa Inc.Power FailureAir1530 lbsA power failure caused aluminum production potlines to release hydrogen fluoride gas.
2/4/2003Calvert City, KYAtofina Chemicals IncRuptured HoseLandUnknownA flexible hose containing hydrogen fluoride ruptured, releasing material into a containment room
12/17/2002Lithia, FL (Hillsborough)Hillsborough Water DeptStorage TankSecondary Containment3060 lbsValve broken during maintenance activity.
10/23/2002Gaffney, SC (Cherokee)Gaffney Board of Public WorksStorage TankWater Sewer3000 galruptured seam in storage tank
7/28/2002Harrison Twp, MI (Macomb)Public WaterEquipment failureLand / Soil3000 galPump seal failed at the Mt. Clemens Water Filtration Plant. [F]
7/2/2002Claymont, DEGeneral ChemicalRailroadAirUnknownFluosulfonic acid released into the atmosphere from an open rail car near a facility loading platform
6/4/2002Dublin, CA (Alameda)Public WaterUnknownDrinking WaterUnknown23 employees of Humphrey Systems Inc. feel ill after using water fountains. Tests at Humphrey Systems on Tuesday showed concentrations of up to 200 milligrams per liter. [F]
2/20/2002Kansas City, MO (Clay)Public WaterStorage TankSewer SystemUnknownReleased from two storage tanks due to a leak.
1/4/2002Springfield, MO (Greene)City Utility/SpringfieldStorage TankLand (Soil)UnknownA leaky storage tank released material into secondary containment. A valve was opened to drain the secondary containment releasing the material onto the soil.
7/18/2001Baltimore, MD RailroadRail TunnelUnknownDerailment, Fire. Also involved in the accident were: Hydrochloric Acid, Acetic Acid, Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Hexyl Phthalate
6/29/2001Gary, IN (Lake)Indiana American Water CompanyStorage TankLand / Pavement95 galstorage tank (capacity: 6000 with 3400 in tank at time of accident) failed due to an external leak
4/7/2001Gaffney, SC (Cherokee)Overnite TransportationMobileOther6 ouncessome dry bags of Sodium Florosilicate on a truck were punctured by a plastic safety stand; 2 people hospitalized
2/25/2001Amargosa, NV (Nye) FixedInside ContainersUnknownabandoned chemicals: the caller stated that the suspected responsible party has been storing hazardous materials in a building; 45 other chemicals involved
2/20/2001Fort Wayne, IN (COUNTY)Three Rivers Water Filtration PlantEquipment malfunctionSewer6000 galTank overflow spills acid into sewer, 4 employees treated after exposure to fumes. [F]
1/8/2001West Memphis, AR (Crittenden)West Memphis Utility CommissionStorage TankLand / Soil2300 galthe material was released from a storage tank (capacity: 2500) due to a leak in the bottom of the tank
11/28/2000Newport, ME (Penobscot)Newport Water DistrictFixedWater Inside Building BasementUnknownthe basement inside the building flooded due to a malfunction, the plastic chemical tank received water inside due to the flooding; spill included sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and 25% hydroxide
9/28/2000Coos Bay, ORCoos Bay-North Bend Water Treatment PlantHuman errorWater400 galStorage tank overflowed. Fluoride killed the treatment bioorganisms, semi-treated sewage (and fluoride water) was released into Coos Bay. [F]
9/21/2000Shreveport, LA (Bossier)PenccoMobileUnknownUnknown5000 gallon tanker trailer truck has a wheel that caught on fire after blow out / all 4 tires in back of truck were burned; closed I-49 Loop 3132
8/3/2000Hanahan, SC (Berkeley)Charleston Commissioners of Public WorksStorage Tank / Human errorLand2200 galwhile unloading a tanker truck (capacity: 12,500, had 2200 at time of accident) connected to the the wrong tank and two chemicals reacted caused an explosion. 45 employees evacuated. [F]
8/2/2000Yonker, NY (Westchester)NY City Bureau of Water SupplyStorage TankLand / Pavement1500 galcaller states release from a primary tank to secondary containment area due to tank rupture (capacity: 3000; had 1500 at time of accident)
7/28/2000Wakefield, MA (Middlesex)Wakefield Public WorksEquipment malfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownWater system overdosed with fluoride - people were exposed to 23 ppm (maximum contaminant level is 4ppm). [F]
6/16/2000Masa, AZ (Maricopa)City of MasaFixedLand560 galsecondary containment lines were damaged causing the release
6/2000Sanford, FL (Seminole)Ctl DistributionStorage TankLand / Concrete150 galthe material spilled from a containment tank due to a faulty valve
4/3/2000Birmingham, AL (Jefferson)Birmingham Water WorksFixedWater4000 galDrained into Shades Creek after tornado damaged 2 above ground tanks (capacity unknown).
3/27/2000Franklin, IN (Johnson)Indiana American Water CompanyStorage TankLand / Soil Around Tank600 galcriminal intent: storage tank (capacity: 900) / tank was vandalized / possibly shot
12/25/1999Portage, IN (Porter)Northwest Indiana Water CompanyStorage TankWater / Unnamed Retention Pond5200 gala day tank (capacity: 8000) was overfilled causing a spill - all drained to unnamed water body
12/21/1999Chicago, IL (Cook)Chicago City Dept WaterMobileLand / Asphalt20 galtank truck / a coupling failed on the truck; as a result, 20 gallons of hydrofluosilicic acid were released; 1 person hospitalized
8/9/1999Norfield, MN (Rice)City of NorthfieldFixedLand / Soil98 galpump house / pump malfunctioned
8/27/1999Norfolk, VA (Norfolk)Norchem IncMobileEnclosed Wooden Bed Trailer1000 gal20-50lb bags of Sodium Flurosilicate in trailer of tractor trailer truck was discovered to have come open during transit
11/24/1998Saginaw, TX (Tarrant)Montgomery Tank LinesMobileLand / Soil40 galcargo tank on tractor trailer / bottom plate of trailer was not secured properly / tank capacity: 5000 gallons / truck is a hazmat carrier
6/19/1998Albertville, AL (Marshall)Albertville Water TreatFixedWater1500 galStorm Drain To Short Creek. storage tank / flange bolt failed due to corrosion / storage tank was not DOT regulated
3/31/1998Mesa / Phoenix, AZ (Maricopa)City of Phoenix WaterFixedConcrete Containment Area2130 galcontainment tank / leak in valve in the day tank
3/27/1998Fingel, ND (Barnes)CP RailRailroadLand / Ditch / Field15 gal1 Gal reached water. tank car /derailment/semi truck struck side of moving train at 51st car from engine/derailing 13 cars/train has 35 loads/32 empties & 2 locomotives
10/3/1997Corpus Christi, TX (Nueces)City of Corpus ChristiFixedLand Secondary Containment3500 gal1 inch PVC line off storage tank / caused by contractor tripping online
9/10/1997Willoughby, OH (Lake)General Elect Quarts IncFixedWater / Storm Water Ditch100 galacid waste pipe/leak (unknown)
8/15/1997Greenville, SC (Greenville)Greenville Water SystemFixedLand Cement Secondary Containment200 galday tank overflowed/ operator forgot to turn off a valve
8/1997Kissimmee, FL (Osceola)City of KissimmeeFixedLand / Soil / Sewer1000 galday tank / overflowed due to failure of the auto shut off
8/1997Louisville, KY (Jefferson)DuPont ChemicalUnknown Faultd Air11,500 galWindel Drury, of DuPont Chemical, was implicated in the release of 11,500 pounds of hydrogen fluoride. After 6 years, DuPont paid $1.1 million to settle the Federal Clean Air Act infraction.[F]
5/8/1997Indianapolis, IN (Marion)Ulrich Chemical IncFixedLand / Drainage Ditch Into Buck Creek5049 gal15 Gal reached Buck Creek. bulk tank system failed due to unknown causes
4/2/1997Brookpark, OH (Cuyahoga)Kuhnle Brothers TruckingMobileLand / Asphalt30 galtanker truck / the valve appears to have malfunctioned and opened causing the release of the material from the tank
9/14/1996Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny)City Water Treatment PlanFixedWater5000-7000 galAll spilled into Allegheny River. storage tank (capacity: 10,500 gal) / crack alongside of plexiglass tank
7/29/1996Fayetteville, NC (Cumberland)Public WorksFixedLand / Concrete300 galstorage tank / a valve was left open by operator
2/9/1996Potomac, MD (Montgomery)American Tank TransportFixedLand / Soil And Asphalt400 galabove ground storage tank (capacity: unknown) / tank was overfilled
8/30/1995New Orleans, LA (Orleans)Liquid Transport CorpFixedLand10 galdischarge valve / valve was loose, operator error
8/29/1995Knoxville, TN (Knox)Knoxville Utilities BoardFixedLand / Concrete300 gal300 gal storage tank/hose from drum pump on tank drained material out of tank
5/3/1995Orlando, FL (Seminole)Ctl DistributionMobileLand / Asphalt100 galtruck tanker valve disk ruptured/unknown
5/14/1995Savannah, GA (Chatham)Southern States PhosphateFixedLand60 galfiberglass tank / ruptured
12/21/1994Newark, NJ (Essex)ConrailRailroadLand / Soil/ballast0tank car/leaking due to material eating through body of the tank
10/14/1994Chesnee, SC (Spartanburg)Fleet TransportationMobileLand / Soil0tanker truck/spill occured during transfer operations
9/6/1994Deltona, FL (Volusia)Pencco Inc (of Bellville TX)Transportation AccidentLand / Pavement4500 galA tanker truck from Fort Meade cracked open on I-4 - driver said the rear trailer wheels came out from under the truck. The back of the tanker slammed onto the road and spilled the chemical over an area 600 feet long and 60 feet wide that looked like dirty, mushy snow, 2 to 3 inches thick. Authorities were frustrated In attempts to neutralize the acid with lime and potash, which delayed I-4's reopening. 1250 residents evacuated due to fumes, 50 people treated (mostly emergency personnel). [F]
5/11/1994Woodacre, CA (Marin)Chemical Laymen Tank LineMobileLand / Cement Blacktop Area75 galhazmat carrier rubber lined trailer blow down valve line fiting on top of truck / leaked due to being broken off by operator
12/17/1993New Hyde Park, NY (Nassau)Jamaica Water SupplyMobileWater Drainage DitchUnknownDumping Incident at Nassau Pump Station 15 C & E; caller states there was Sodium Fluoride being dumped onto the ground from tanktruck; Virchem also dumped
11/1993Middletown, MDMiddletown Water DistributionFixedDrinking WaterUnknownExcess amounts of water fluoridation treatment entered the water supply, raising the level to 70 ppm. Citizens were informed by radio not to drink or cook with the water[F]
10/20/1993East St. Louis, IL (St. Clair)I M Z Fertizizer IncRailroadLand / Soil400 gala railroad tank car is leaking from the sump
8/31/1993Charlottesville, VA (Albemarle)Rizanna Water & SewerFixedLand / Soil1839 galstorage tank/line from the tank failed causing the release
8/14/1993Marrero, LA (Jefferson) FixedWater Drain System950 galfire dept called and said that the material is in the drain system cause is unknown
8/1993Galesburg, IL (Knox) MobilePavement15-20 galTank truck delivery leak. [C]
8/1993Poplarville, MS (Pearl River)Public WaterFixedDrinking water 40 persons poisoned; 15 sought treatment at hospital. Pizza Inn manager was the first to notify city officials after several customers became ill. [C]
7/16/1993Chicago, ILPublic WaterFixedDrinking water Three dialysis patients died and five experienced toxic reactions to the fluoridated water used in the treatment process. [C]
5/3/1993East St. Louis, IL (St. Clair)Gateway Western RailroadRailroadAirUnknownrail car gasket/leaked due to unknown reasons
5/13/1993Waycross, GA (Ware)CSX TransportationRailroadLandUnknowna tankcar was discovered to be leaking from the bottom due to corrosion
5/10/1993Baltimore, MD (Baltimore)LCI LimitedRailroadLand2 galrail car / unknown
5/1993Kodiak, AKPublic WaterFixedDrinking water Although equipment appeared to be functioning normally, 22-24 ppm of fluoride was found in a sample. [C]
3/25/1993Travelers Rest, SC (Greenville)Greenville Water SystemFixedLand / Concrete Containment15 galstorage tank/overfilled
1/1993Sarnia, ON CanadaPublic WaterFixedDrinking water computer-controlled system had failed to shut down. [C]
8/4/1992Houston, TX (Harris)City of HoustonFixedWater5000 galSpilled into Huntington Bayou. storage tank / flange failed
7/1992Mount Tamalpais, CA (Marin)Bon Tempe treatment plantFixedWater Pump malfunction. Two million gallons of fluoridated water were diverted to Phoenix Lake, elevating the lake surface by more than two inches and forcing some water over the spillway. [C]
6/1992Danvers, IL (McLean)Public WaterFixedLand / Pavement Fluoride pump malfunctioned. City flushed the contaminated water through fire hydrants. [C]
5/1992Hooper Bay, AK (Wade Hampton)Yukon-Kuskokwim Health CorporationFixedDrinking water poor equipment and lack of a qualified operator. One death, 260 poisoned; one airlifted to hospital in critical condition. [C]
4/23/1992Cottage Grove, WI (Dane)Hydrite ChemicalRailroadLand500 galfitting on a rail car failed
2/1992Rice Lake, WI (Barron) FixedDrinking water High winds caused volt lines to connect, causing conductors to burn to ground and a jumper to fail, resulting in failure of the anti-siphoning device, causing fluoride to pour through the pipes. Pump overfed fluoride for two days. Residents vomiting, levels thought to have reached 20 ppm. Wisconsin State Dental Director, stated, "To be harmful, exposure would have to have been about 225 ppm." [C]
1/3/1992Sylacuga, AL (Talladega)Sylacuga Filtration PlantFixedWater4000 galSpilled into Sylacuga River. above ground storage tank ruptured
12/1991Benton Harbor, MI (Berrien)Public WaterFixed"leaked into a chemical storage building at the water plant where it ate through more than two inches of concrete"900 galFaulty pump - equipment was only two years old. [C]
9/1991Burlington, NC (Alamance)Public WaterFixedContained to water treatment plant4000 galfiberglass fluoride tank ruptured. [C]
9/1991Calgary, AB CanadaPublic WaterFixedUnknown1.75 galFluoride diffuser problems in six machines. Two water treatment personnel to the hospital for oxygen after breathing the fluoride fumes. Gary Lamb, engineer, stated that "This product is an acid so we can't put it through a steel pipe because it corrodes, but plastic isn't strong enough." [C]
7/1991Portage, MI (Kalamazoo)Public WaterFixedDrinking water Fluoride injector pump failed. Fluoride levels reached 92 ppm and resulted in approximately 40 children developing abdominal pains, sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea. [C]
11/28/1990Fort Worth, TX (Tarrant)City of Fort WorthFixedLand / Asphalt650 galchemical feed tank/ operator overfilled the tank
11/1990St. Louis, MOSt. Louis County water works plantFixedLand / Pavement500 galruptured pipe. About 12 employees were evacuated. Fireman built sand dikes around the leak, added lime to the spilled fluoride to neutralize it, and plugged the pipe. [C]
10/1990Westby, WI (Vernon)Public WaterFixedDrinking water equipment malfunctioned, fluoride surged to 150 ppm. The water utility supervisor said he had expected the fluoride to be ten times normal since it had burned his mouth. The fluoride corroded the copper off the pipes in area homes, 70 times higher than the EPA recommended limit. Westby Council stopped fluoridating. [C]
8/13/1990Bloomington, IN (Monroe)Lindsey Motor ExpressMobileLand / Ground355 galtank truck / when driver put pressure on the tank to unload, the pop-off valve failed and the material spilled
6/7/1990Dayton, OH (Montgomery)City of DaytonFixedLand / Concrete Dyke100 galaboveground storage tank/leaking pipe
6/18/1990Detroit, MI (Wayne)TVS ChemicalRailroadUnknown or OtherUnknown4 wheels of car off rail/track switch out of adjustment
5/14/1988Williamsport, PA (Lycoming) RailroadLand2 galat Newberry Yard: 10 cars derailed, 7 empty's 2 loaded with sand, and the one car leaking is leaning and leaking out of dome
1/1988Schenectady, NY (Schenectady)Public WaterFixedUnknown2000 galSpill completely destroyed the fluoridation facility. Over $48,000 spent to clean up the spill and dispose of fluoride in approved dump site. It was estimated that the cost to replace the facility would be $261,000. [C]
3/1986New Haven / North Branford, CT (New Haven)Public WaterFixedDrinking water The fluoride peaked at 51 ppm. 18% of customers had acute health effects. Connecticut State Dental Director chastised water department personnel for not recognizing immediately that public complaints were due to fluoride and not copper. [C]
10/6/1981Jonesboro, ME (Washington)Jonesboro Elem. SchoolEquipment malfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownEquipment had been shut down due to faulty valve controlling the quantity of fluoride going into the drinking water. A Technician from the Dept. of Human Services told the custodian and principal there was no need to test the fluoride content of the water, that he had turned the unit off. Tests showed 46 times the normal ratio of fluoride in the water. 57 students, teachers and principal taken to hospital. 38 were administered regurgitants to make them vomit the fluoride, and milk to counteract the poison. Two were admitted to the hospital for several hours for fast heartbeat. Other symptoms were nausea and abdominal pain, and vomiting. On December 1, 1981, Jonesboro citizens voted 43-2 not to reinstate fluoridation at the school, and to charge the Dept. of Human Services with the emergency room bill of $1,137.24. [B]
8/10/1981Potsdam, NY (St Lawrence)Public WaterEquipment failureDrinking Water55 gal?The diffuser, a plastic pipe that controls flow of fluoride into the water system broke off, allowing the entire contents of a drum of fluoride, ten times a normal "dose", into the water supply. The diffuser was found outside the water treatment plant where it had been flushed by backwash. Village residents were without potable water, and in a state of "water emergency" from 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. The village administrator said the biggest cost would be overtime pay for Public Works personnel. This would not include cost of investigation by State Health Dept. personnel. [B]
6/2~8/1981Pendleton, OR (Umatilla)Public WaterEquipment failureLand4000 galPipe leading from fluoride storage tank broke. 4,000 gallons of fluoride leaked into ground. Brett McKnight, DEQ environmental engineer stated "From the data gathered from the soil sampling and water samples, there exists a real need for continual monitoring in the areas." The Umatilla Indian Reservation water also comes from this source. [B]
8/30/1980Vermont Elementary SchoolSchool Water SupplyHuman errorDrinking WaterUnknown (1041 ppm)A water fluoridator at a local elementary school was accidentally left running, elevating fluoride levels to 1041 ppm (250 times the legal amount), poisoning 22 individuals attending a farmers market hosted at the school.[F]
11/1979Annapolis, MD (Anne Arundel)Public WaterFixedDrinking water1000 galValve at water plant had been left open all night. One patient died and eight became ill after renal dialysis treatment. The fluoride level was later found to be 35 ppm. [B,C,F]
5/1979Island Falls, ME (Aroostook)Public WaterEquipment malfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownFluoride machine let extra fluoride into water system while motor head was being changed. "The exact water fluoride level was not ascortained although a water sample at a manufacturing plant was greater than 10 ppm." 5 people suffered gastrointestinal illness. Dept. of Human Services advised announcement on radio for public not to drink water. [B]
11/17/1978Los Lunas, NM (Cibola)School WaterEquipment malfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownFaulty electric relay switch caused concentrated fluoride to be pumped into water system without being diluted with non-fluoridated water. 34 people had acute fluoride poisoning. Symptoms were abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, muscle twitching and excessive salivation. [B,F]
11/25/1977Woodacre, CA (Marin)Public WaterEquipment MalfunctionDrinking Water Unnoticed breakdown of Fluoride feeder valve caused five communities to receive fluoride above "accepted" level {up to 5.4 ppm} for several days without notice to the public. The Ind. Jrnl. reported the water district staff justified distribution of the overdosed water on the grounds it was a drought year [B]
11/22/1977Harbor Springs, MI (Emmet)Public WaterAccidentDrinking Water189 lbsA tree cut down by contractor fell on power lines controlling city water system electrical signal lines. The disruption automatically triggered into simultaneous operation three of the city's four well-water pumps, and the fluoride feeder continued to operate. (it was first thought the problem was an "iron buildup"; iron levels were high due to interaction of the fluoride with the water mains.) Approximately 189 lbs. of fluoride was accidentally pumped into the city's water system. Tests at one discharge line showed 1,000 milligrams per liter of fluoride. Four people experienced nausea or vomiting and weakness. Had it not been an off-season for this resort town and the accident happening after lunch and before afternoon coffee breaks, more could have been poisoned. [B]
3/29/1977Syracuse, NY (Onondaga)Public WaterEquipment failureWater1200 galFluoride was accidentally pumped into Skaneateles Creek from a ruptured underground fluoride tank. Within hours of the spill, hundreds of dead fish lined the banks of the creek. 1,900 previously stocked trout assumed dead. [B]
5/1976Seattle, WA (King)Public WaterEquipment failureLand5000 galPlastic fitting broke in rubber-lined steel tank spilling fluoride on the ground in Cedar River watershed. 5,000 gallons of fluoride spilled. An earth mound was built around tank to divert spillage from river. [B]
8/20/1975Lebanon, PA (Lebanon)Public WaterEquipment failureLand / Soil1500 galStorage tank holding 6,000 gallons of hydrofluosilicic acid (fluoride) ruptured. Substantial damage to water plant. Approximately 1,500 gallons went into drains below plant threatening structure. DER (Dept. of Env. Resources) reported fluoride leaked into holding ponds and Swatara Creek killing fish. [B]
4/16/1974Manly, NC (Moore)Public WaterEquipment MalfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownFluoride feeder pump malfunctioned, causing the fluoride solution to be fed into the water system continuously while water pump not operating. 213 individuals experienced nausea after drinking orange juice mixed with water. 201 students and 7 adults vomited. [B]
6/6/1972Rome, PA (Bradford)Northeast Bradford Elem. SchoolEquipment MalfunctionDrinking WaterUnknownBlockage of BIF feeder by-pass occurred sending excess fluoride into water system as high as 67 mg./L. DER (Dept. of Env. Resources), Towanda, Pa. Records show fluoride at 48 ppm in water and 230 ppm in coffee. 150 students attending a school picnic vomited after drinking orange juice made with the water. [B]

This list is drawn from compilations by:
[B] Martha Bevis
[C] Robert Carton
[F] Fluoride Action Network
Unmarked entries are from the Coast Guard's National Response Center database
Category descriptions for [B] and [F] describe the cause for the incident.
Category descriptions for [C] and unmarked entries use National Response Center notation for the situation of the incident: Fixed=facility, Mobile=truck, etc.

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